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Orlando Day Tours & Sightseeing Adventures

If you like to go on day tours, you're certainly in the right place.

In Orlando and beyond are many different sorts of adventures awaiting you.

If you're interested in nature, particularly native plants or exotic animals, there are various tours that will interest you.

One that could be a lot of fun is swimming with the manatees, gentle marine animals that welcome you to the water and love to be touched.

Interestingly, these giant mammals have no natural enemies, and despite their size—a usual one thousand up to 3000 pounds—they are gentle.

But if you'd rather not swim with them, you can just observe them for the tour boat.

Wildlife Experiences

Or you may want to take an airboat ride to see other animals and birds.

You'll observe an abundance of alligators and lot of interesting birds like golden eagles and ospreys.

The airboat can go where it's impossible for other types of watercrafts to travel, so you'll get to observe many things others will not.

At the end of the ride, you can visit a park to observe and even pet a group of exotic animals.

City Tours

Besides observing nature, you can go on a number of other tours—particularly of places like Orlando or Miami—to sightsee with knowledgeable guides pointing out interesting places.

Or you can go to the Kennedy Space Center where you will be met by a real astronaut, and where you can observe a series of shuttles and even participate in sixty different touch screen experiences.

Shopping Sprees & Dude Ranch Excursions

By the end of the tour you may even begin to feel like a real astronaut.

Then if you're a shopaholic... there are shopping tours, as well.

You visit malls, get special prices, and shop for almost anything you want.

There's also a dude ranch you can visit where you'll be met along the way by sheriff's deputies who will be pretty suspicious about your criminal activities.

You can ride a horse, fish in a stocked pond, shoot clay pigeons, and enjoy an evening around the campfire.

Whatever your tastes, you're pretty certain to find a tour to fit them.
Have fun.

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