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Pre Paid Toll Passes in Florida

updated: 12 Sep 2012 : 11:45AM

Depending on who you rent a car from it's a great idea to see what options you may need.

Here is an example of what selecting the prepaid option, I was able to gleam from the Washington Post!

It seems that accepting the pre paid toll option may not really be your best option according to Bill

O'Leary a staff writer at the Post.

He's basically uncovered a hidden charge possibly not being fully disclosed or fully understood by renter.

I'm not hear to point fingers but to let you know to keep your eyes open at all time should decide to rent

a car instead of using our taxi service which would get you from point A to point B safely for a flat rate.

Administrative Fee

The administrative fee or daily charge that is triggered when you go through first toll.

It doesn't matter if you don't use another toll road.

The daily charge of about $3 per day adds up quickly the longer you have the rental!

I recommend you decline this option and get change at the airport for any toll roads you might encounter.

Car Rental Discounts

On this page we do have car rental links to Dollar & Thrifty.

It cost you nothing to take a moment to do a real time search to compare rates.

You're likely to find a better rate!

Booking a car as far in advance as possible will likely get you the best rate.

No credit card is needed to reserve now.

Whose ever name is on the reservation will need a credit card car is picked up.

By Marie Ospina

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