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Sanford Airport Orlando Upgrades Baggage Claim Area

Updated: 11 May 2013: 01:43 AM

Recently the president of Sanford-Orlando International Airport told Channel 9 there are several commercial airlines he is talking with regarding recent upgrades to the baggage claim area at Sanford Airport.

Also, a large loan by the Sanford Airport Authority was taken on to make additional upgrades for passengers.

Perhaps this move is an indication the airport is making an effort to attract more flights to central Florida.

Passenger Bridges Next

The Airport Authority board to meet the additional demand recently approved upgrades to the passenger bridges outside.

The cost for this upgraded is estimated to be $13 million.

Sanford’s bridges are old and stationary, unlike most other major airports which have moving passenger bridges meaning planes have to more exacting when lining up to land at the airport.

Officials have commented these additional upgrades should help in attracting airlines that may be looking to relocate.

While the airport currently is not extremely busy right now, tourist season is fast approaching and comments from those using the airport have indicated it appears flights are fuller than in the past.

Traffic Patterns

Channel 9 has also indicated when researching the traffic patterns in the area of Sanford that it had increased by almost 20 percent since last February 2012 through February 2013.

Passengers who always flew out of the big airport recently commented they were excited, as it would be so much easier for travel.

Sanford Airport plans to pay the loan back with fees collected from passengers.

By Marie Ospina

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