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Budget Cuts = Longer Lines

Updated: 04 April 2013: 02:42AM

It appears that the effects of sequestration will extend to Orlando International Airport.

Travelers entering and exiting the already busy airport are likely to face even longer lines in the wake of budget cuts.

Both domestic and international travelers will be affected thanks in part to TSA hiring freezes and the elimination of overtime.

This will slow down security lines significantly and airport officials are predicting especially long lines during the peak summer months.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection services will also face cuts, meaning that overseas travelers will have to wait longer to clear customs and begin their Orlando vacation.

Busy  Airport

Orlando International Airport sees over 35 million passengers a year and experts believe that lines will gradually grow longer in the run up to summer vacation. 

Problems have already begun to crop up for international travelers as two planes were forced to wait on the tarmac because the customs line was too long.


To prevent missing your flight in or out of OIA, it is recommended that you arrive 2 hours early for a domestic flight and 3 hours early for an international flight. 

There are many things to see and do at the airport.

If possible, print your boarding ticket, check in online before you reach the airport and try to travel with just carry-on luggage to save time.

  Additionally, place all your carry-on liquids in a clear plastic bag and ensure that they are no more than 3 ounces to facilitate the security process.

Should you be using please contact driver once you have reached baggage claim.

Your driver is charged by for wait time.

Please contact dispatch at 407 415 7283 upon arrival.

By Marie Ospina

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