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Orlando Restaurants are Testing Centers for National Chains Rollouts

Updated: 17 May 2013: 01:40:15 AM

Orlando, a big city filled with a diverse population, millions of visitors every year, and the home of several national as well as regional restaurants makes the perfect laboratory for the restaurant industry to try out new ideas in food, payment options, and service.

Consumer tastes constantly change and restaurants must gear up to stay ahead of the game by experimenting with new menu offerings.

Diets also have an impact on a restaurant menu.

New Product Sampling

Recently new healthier salads at Chick-Fil-A have been sampled including the new gluten free Grilled Market Salad.

A lot is learned from testing, including ease of preparation, will the item take away from an existing profitable item, and will the customer like it.

When testing is complete there are often changes and adjustments that are required based on feedback from customers, store managers and employees, as well as revising menus for items that just aren’t profitable.

Lower to mid-priced chains are attracted to Orlando due to the slightly lower than US average income in the region and restaurants such as Chick-Fil-A, Cracker Barrel, Wing Zone and Pollo Tropical have all done testing in Central Florida.

McDonalds used 180 of their Orlando restaurants to test out the new Premium McWraps that debuted last month.

Restaurants will continue to improve menu items, approaches, and service as consumers demand more value for their money.

Orlando residents and tourists will be able to say they were the first to taste that new item.

By Marie Ospina

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