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Wawa May Start Gas Station War @ Orlando International Airport

Updated: 04 April 2013: 03:12AM

Construction on a new Wawa near Orlando International Airport is creating some concern for some local gas stations nearby who currently charge customers more than $5 per gallon over Wawa’s lower gas prices.

 Wawa, famous for hoagies, coffee and smoothies, made their first southern expansion last year when they opened up across from SeaWorld’s entrance. 

 This new location is currently under construction at State Road 436 and Lee Vista Road and gas is expected to be priced comparable with other Wawa Orlando area locations.

$6  Per Gallon

Nearby station pricing at Sun Gas was $5.59, and $5.99 at Suncoast Energy as reported by Local 6.  

Gas Station Price Gouging-Orlando International Airport

When employees at Sun Gas and Suncoast Energy were asked if they planned to lower their gas prices, they indicated they did not have any plans at this time. 

In the past, appropriate signage has not been posted by many of these gas stations near Orlando International Airport and have been under fire for selling higher than average priced gas to unsuspecting tourists and business travelers, refueling a rental car, who are unaware of the pricing until they are at the pump and have no choice but to pay these high prices. 

Now with the new Wawa under construction, there may soon be a better choice.

City Ordinance

A new City of Orlando ordinance now forces stations to post signs, but there is no regulation on the visibility.  

Only time will tell whether this new Wawa station will have any affect on the pricing at nearby stations.

Always check the price at the pump before filling up.


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By Marie Ospina

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