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In-Flight Theft in Carry on Luggage in Overhead Bins

Updated: 24 May 2013: 02:50:18 AM

How often do you mindless place carry-on luggage into the overhead bin thinking it’s safe?

With all the worries involved in travel, boarding the plane quickly, it’s easy to forget about the safety of a piece of luggage being placed in the overhead bin, and sometimes not immediately available to your seat location.

As strange as it may sound, although not common, there are several reports of theft from airline passengers while traveling in the air and the people stealing have been both airline employees or fellow travelers.

Tips to Help protect Valuables

  1. Keep Valuables with you - Keep all valuables cash, wallet, passport, etc., on you.

Remove all valuables and especially wallet when hanging a coat in the closet.

  2. Place Carry-on Bags upside down - Place luggage upside down or with the zipper facing backward as close to you as possible.

Lock the bag once on the plane.

Do not place open top carry on bags in the overhead

  3. Pack a Bag inside a Bag - Pack valuables inside travel bags inside luggage and bury them at the bottom.

This helps make valuables less easy to find.

  4. Watch Your Seat - Stow items under the seat so zippers and pockets are not facing passenger in front of you or the aisle if in an aisle seat.

Targeted Flights

Flights normally targeted for theft are US domestic transcontinental flights, early morning, and red-eye flights.

Remember there are professional thieves everywhere and taking a few precautions and staying aware and don’t forget the basic cautions and it may keep you from being the next target.

Should you be using our airport transfer services, please don't forget to call driver dispatch at 407 415 7283.

By Marie Ospina

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