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50,000 Employees Furloughed

Updated: 27 April 2013: 06:20 AM

As a result of budget cuts brought about by sequestration, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been forced to furlough 50,000 employees, which includes thousands of air traffic controllers.

Affected FAA employees are now being forced to take 1 unpaid day off every other week.

This has led to fewer air traffic controllers on duty at any given time and resulted in a slew of flight delays all across the country.

Orlando International Airport has already started to experience delays in arrivals and departures.

Flight Delays

6,700 Daily Flight Delays

The FAA has told the public to expect 6,700 flight delays per day.

As journalists have pointed out, these delays are much more damaging than delays caused by weather as they trigger a further ripple effect.

High air traffic areas all along the East coast have experienced regular flight delays of 2-3 hours, mainly concentrated in New York and Washington DC.

Larger cities on the West coast have also been hit, particularly Los Angeles.

This of course affects all flights departing and landing at the aforementioned cities.

No End in Sight

Both members of the business community and congress have criticized the FAA’s decision to furlough air traffic controllers and have even postulated that continued flight delays could have a negative impact on the nation’s already fragile economy.

However, it looks like travelers will have to deal with delays for the foreseeable future.

If you are planning on any air travel within the next few weeks and months, be prepared to face delays.

If necessary, alert your hotel and ground transportation to the possibility to your late arrival to prevent further travel issues once you land at your destination.

By Marie Ospina

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