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Canadian Save Money When Flying Out of US Airports

Updated: 06 Oct 2012 : 02:20AM

Smart Canadian vacationers are taking advantage of lower taxes and airport fees by hopping across

the border by hopping on flights from the US.

This cross-border air-fare shopping his a pleasant boom for Buffalo-Niagara, Burlington, Vermont and

other US regional airports.

Jim Byers  a travel editor at  the has provided a great analysis on the present


Transportation Options

Flying into Sanford airport is a lot cheaper because it is 45 miles north of Orlando airport.

Passengers don't realize this until it they arrive.

Should you choose fly into Sanford airport taxi rates will be an extra $100 than from MCO.

We can get you to Disney for $215 + driver tip depending on number of passengers.

Sanford Transportation Option

Should you choose this option, in most cases there will be a delay since shuttle operators will wait till

there are enough passengers.

This is not a bad option if you're not in a hurry after a long journey.

I recommend you book a one way transfer and take a taxi on the way back!

Shuttle drivers are paid on an hourly basis and may not be in a hurry on the way back.

Car Rental

If you don't plan on doing to much driving, consider renting a car and paying a drop fee.

Use our car rental codes to get the best rental rate.

There is no credit card needed to book this option.

You will need one when you actually pick up your car.

By Marie Ospina

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